Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of the right answer.

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Mathematics tutor based in PTA

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Hi, I'm Lebogang Ngbeni

Math tutor based in PTA

I am currently a UNISA student, studying Economics & Statistics. I used to study Applied Math & Computer Science and that is where I realized my passion for tutoring, initially I tutored university students, mostly programming. Then I recieved a lot of requests from High School students.

The reason I chose High School students is because I have realized that it is very crucial to have a strong Mathematics background and how competitive it is when they try to get into universities. This means I can actually play a direct role preparing our future leaders!

29th Oct


Gauteng, SA


+27 67 009 8515



My Resume

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BSc Applied Math & Computer Science
2017 - 2019

I did a lot of Mathematics in this course. What a lot of people do not know is that computer science is a branch of mathematical. This is why I have a strong mathematical background. By the way, math is AMAZING!

BCom Economics & Statistics
2020 - 2023

Economists use a lot of mathematical models to solve real world problems. Math is also a big part of Economics.
"Mathematics allows economists to form meaningful, testable propositions about wide-ranging and complex subjects which could less easily be expressed informally." - Wikipedia


Mathematics Tutoring
2014 - Present

I realized my method of tutoring was different and the best when I got a lot of referals from teachers. The problem with a lot of tutors is they focus mainly on theories and they forget the important part of answering questions. This does not only help one have a solid foundation of a concept but also boost their confidence which yields better results. I make sure I produce great mathematical minds.

My Approach

Critical methods I teach my students.

Conceptual Understanding

An integrated and functioning grasp of mathematical ideas. Students with Conceptual understanding know more than isolated facts and methods. They understand why a mathematical idea is important and the kind of contexts in which is useful.

Answering Questions

Mathematics is basically about answering difficult questions, undertanding a concept is one part but knowing how to answer and approach questions is a big thing that I teach all my students to improve their confidence which will then improve their results.

Study Techniques

Studying, just like any other thing in life requires a technical approach. You need to train your mind how to be in the zone of studying and undertand which Techniques works for you best. Students who know this perform better than those who do not.

Advanced Assessments

Giving students Assessments which will strenghen their Mathematical foundation which in will be useful when faced with difficult questions.

Critical Analysis

This goes hand in hand with Conceptual Understanding. By teaching my students how to analyze quesions critically, it helps them undertand problems better. This has been shown to improve how an individual analyze and approach real life challenges.

Scientific Approach

Mathematics is a science, you need to learn how to think like a scientist in order to answer scientifical questions. Teaching my students how to have a Scientific approach assist in improving how they answer questions.


What my clients say about me.

- Mpumi Ndlovu

The best tutor because you take a different approach of teaching students how to answer questions. This improved my marks so much and helped my anxiety of being an exam room. Thank you very much Lebo.

-Nancy Mokwena

Thanks for helping me improve my Mathematics marks, I was so hopeless before I met you, now I am confident about my studies and will surely get a distintion if not a level 6.

-Steve Shongwe

Having to go from one of the most confused people in class to one of top 10 in Mathematics. I don't know how I would have done it without your help. Thank you very much Lebogang!

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