The Lockdown Regency

The Regency Apartment Hotel

Ever wondered where you could run away to during the lockdown while staying safe and abiding the laws? It can be frustrating to stay in one place for a long time with no movement especially if you are somewhat a social person or someone who loves traveling.

The Regency Warm Reception

One of the places to visit during the lockdown would be The Regency Apartment Hotel.

View from the Restaurant Side

The place is very welcoming. When entering its reception area you already feel at home.

Pool at Night

It is not only the aesthetics of the building that makes this gem standout from its surroundings but the views and the pool areas.

Pool during the Day

Should you find yourself looking to go outside to unwind at night the place feels safe and it is blessed with minimal views that perfectly matches the building.

I only had a chance to experience staying in one room that is a private residence. The room was perfectly clean. You can book this particular unit through Airbnb I will put the link at the end of the post.

This was architectured to sustain its aesthetics even when in a lower level room. Perhaps you are not keen on heights, you will still enjoy the views from your balcony.

Views from Lower Level Rooms

Menlyn mall is also visible from the lower level rooms.

Should you need an escape around Pretoria, this hidden treasure is situated in 27 Matroosburg Road, Ashlea Gardens, Menlyn. Alternatively, search The Regency Apartment Hotel on google maps.

To book this unit via Airbnb you can use this link and you will receive up to R850 for your first booking (only applies if you’re new to Airbnb).

You can visit their website at: or call them +27 12 111 9292 to make a booking.

I hope your enjoy your stay.

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